North Fort Myers

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About the Service Area

The service area is located in Lee County due north of the Caloosahatchee River.

FGUA North Fort Myers serves approximately 2,000 water customers and 12,000 wastewater customers. Those customers who only receive sewer service from the FGUA receive their water service from Lee County Utilities or private water companies. These utilities provide the water usage to the FGUA to calculate the sewer usage for the monthly statements. The service area came under FGUA ownership in June 2010.

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Services Provided
  • Potable Water (Select areas)
  • Wastewater
  • Reclaimed Water (Select areas)

Most customers in this service area receive potable water from Lee County Utilities. Wastewater service is provided by a network of lift stations and two wastewater treatment plants. The FGUA also provides reclaimed water to select areas.

Lake Fairways Community

Customers living in the Lake Fairways Community receive potable water from the FGUA in addition to their wastewater service. This service is provided by two wells and a water treatment plant. Potable water is disinfected with free chlorine in this community.

Pine Lakes Community

Customers living in the Pine Lakes Community receive potable water from the FGUA in addition to their wastewater service. Potable water is provided via an interconnection with Lee County Utilities and is disinfected with chloramines.

Capital Improvements

The FGUA Capital Improvement Plan included a two-year project to interconnect the FGUA North Fort Myers Wastewater System with the Lee County Wastewater System.

Del Prado Wastewater Treatment Plant – The FGUA is in the process of concluding a two year project by expanding the Del Prado Wastewater Treatment Plant to increase the capacity of wastewater that can be treated. The improvements will help to increase the production of reclaim water. Included in the plan is the expansion of wastewater pipeline from the Waterway Estates community to the Del Prado Treatment Plant to assist in the decommissioning of the wastewater treatment plant within the community. The improvements were completed in September 2012.

Water/Wastewater Rates
Community Service Representative & Contact Info

Lori Salgado

Ms. Salgado acts as the liaison to FGUA customers in the FGUA Lee County area. Ms. Salgado conducts presentations to community organizations, provides water conservation education opportunities for local students, promotes water conservation through a moisture sensor conservation program and addresses various customer inquiries or concerns.

Ms. Salgado has considerable customer service, community outreach and communications experience working in the public and non-profit sectors. Ms. Salgado welcomes the opportunity to serve local customers and strengthen relationships with those in the FGUA Lee County service area.
(239) 543-1005 Telephone
(239) 543-2226 Fax
5660 Bayshore Rd.
Fort Myers, FL 33917

Water Restrictions

As a governmental utility, the FGUA follows water restrictions put into place by the South Florida Water Management District and by our host government Lee County for this service area. At times, the County may have a stricter ordinance in place when compared to the District’s recommendation. During these instances, FGUA customers should follow the County restrictions.

For information about current watering restrictions, please visit the South Florida Water Management District website and the Lee County Government website.

Customer Feedback

The FGUA welcomes and encourages feedback from our customers. Customers wanting to give feedback for this service area should contact Lori Salgado, Community Services Representative at: or
(239) 543-1005

For convenience, customers may also fill out a customer feedback form by clicking here.