Seven Springs

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About the Service Area

The Seven Springs service area along with its sister service area, Aloha Gardens is considered part of the FGUA Pasco System. The service area is located in the Trinity area, which is part of New Port Richey near the Pinellas County border.

Seven Springs, combined with the Aloha Gardens System, serves more than 16,400 water customers and 14,700 wastewater customers. Among the water customers, approximately 2,000 customers receive reclaimed water service. The service area came under FGUA ownership in February 2009.

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Services Provided
  • Potable Water
  • Wastewater
  • Reclaimed Water (Select areas)

The water in Seven Springs is currently disinfected with chloramines. Service is provided by eight active wells, one water treatment facility, and one wastewater treatment plant. In addition, service is supported by five interconnections with Pasco County Utilities during high demand.

Capital Improvements

The FGUA Capital Improvement Plan included a two-year project to interconnect Seven Springs and Aloha Gardens with the Pasco County Water System (PCWS), and to build additional treatment facilities.

Mitchell Road Water Treatment Plant – The FGUA concluded a two year project by installing aeration equipment at the Mitchell Road Water Treatment Plant to address water quality. The project coincided with the interconnection of the Seven Springs system with PCWS and installation of raw water mains feeding into the plant. The improvements were completed in August 2011 and a ribbon cutting ceremony dedicating the new plant occurred in October 2011. Click here to read the press release.

Seven Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant – The FGUA began working to implement a capital improvement project to address concerns regarding odor control at the Seven Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant in Spring 2012. Click here for more information about the project.

Water/Wastewater Rates
Reuse Customers
Community Service Representative & Contact Info

Matthew Rihs

Mr. Rihs acts as the liaison to FGUA customers in the FGUA Pasco County area. Mr. Rihs conducts presentations to community organizations, provides water conservation education opportunities for local students, promotes water conservation through a moisture sensor conservation program and addresses various customer inquiries or concerns.

Mr. Rihs has considerable community outreach, constituent service and communications experience working in the private, public and non-profit industries. Mr. Rihs welcomes the opportunity to serve local customers and strengthen relationships with those in the FGUA Pasco County service area.
(727) 372-0115 Telephone
(727) 372-2677 Fax
6915 Perrine Ranch Road
New Port Richey, FL 34655

Customer Committee

The FGUA currently meets with the Pasco Customer Committee (PCC). The group was formerly known as the Committee for Better Water Now (CBWN), a Customer Advocacy Group that played an important role in supporting customers’ concerns, and advocating the acquisition of the previous Aloha Utilities System within the community. The CBWN met with the FGUA monthly for three years. Following the completion in August of 2011 of an FGUA capital project that improved the water quality, the group underwent a name change and expanded to include members from the surrounding Pasco County area, including Lindrick. The PCC meets semi-monthly and committee members review and provide recommendations on Capital Projects, Customer Service, Policies and Procedures and Rates for the FGUA Pasco Systems to FGUA Management and the Board.

For more information about the PCC, contact Matthew Rihs, FGUA Community Service Representative at (727) 372-0115, x330.

Water Restrictions

As a governmental utility, the FGUA follows water restrictions put into place by the Southwest Florida Water Management District and by our host government Pasco County for this service area. At times, the County may have a stricter ordinance in place when compared to the District’s recommendation. During these instances, FGUA customers should follow the County restrictions.

For information about current watering restrictions, please visit the Southwest Florida Water Management District website and the Pasco County Government website.

Customer Feedback

The FGUA welcomes and encourages feedback from our customers. Customers wanting to give feedback for this service area should contact Matthew Rihs, Community Services Representative at: or
(727) 372-0115.

For convenience, customers may also fill out a customer feedback form by clicking here.