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The following table lists the inflation driven and/or rate adjustments for each of the FGUA’s enterprise systems for fiscal year 2019. The FGUA’s fiscal year begins on October 1st. Adjustments are typically limited to 75% of the current consumer price index, unless other financial considerations apply. Under normal conditions, adjustments will go into effect on October 1st, which is the start of a new fiscal year. The following adjustments are also used in developing the budgets for the current and upcoming fiscal year.

Water Droplet Cartoon with Percent Sign
Enterprise System Type of Adjustment Percentage
Lehigh Acres Pre-approved annual adjustment Waived
Aloha Gardens/Seven Springs Pre-approved annual adjustment 2.12%
Consolidated Pre-approved annual adjustment 2.12%
Lindrick Pre-approved annual adjustment 2.12%
North Fort Myers Pre-approved annual adjustment Waived
Lake Aqua Approved Rate Increase on 10/1/2018 5.0%
Pasco Aqua Approved Rate Decrease on 10/1/2018 -10.0%
Unified Aqua Approved Rate Increase on 10/1/2018 5.0%
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