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Water system replacement/upgrade at Arredondo Estates

Arredondo Estates Water Main and Meter Relocation Program – Latest news and updates.

Project Information

  • Summary–Replace ~19,300 LF of old water mains (WMs) with new WMs located in the right-of-way(ROW) along roads to improve water quality (color/taste) and pressure.Abandon the existing water distribution system in place.
  • Project Funding –FDEP SRF Program -$2.23M “granted” to FGUA
  • What it is going to cost you –$0 for construction; same rates for water use.
  • Access Agreement needed –Owners’ signatures are required for temporary property access for the water meter and service connection construction activities.
  • Construction –Bids received June 27th. The anticipated start is the beginning of February, 2024.
  • FGUA Contact
    Brennady Barnes
    Capital Project Manager

View/Download FGUA Arredondo Public Meeting 24×36 boards

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Properties with Signed Cross Access Agreements

70% GIS Map

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Project Scope: Water system replacement/upgrade at Arredondo Estates which will include disconnecting the existing water service from the back of customer property and re-connecting the water service to the front of the customer property.
  2. Project Owner: FGUA
  3. Funding: FDEP State Revolving Funds
  4. Total Cost of Project: $2,159,035.50
  5. FGUA Project Manager: Arnel Santos, PE
  6. Project Consultant/Engineering of Record: Jones Edmunds and Associates
  7. Contractor: Accurate Drilling LLC
  8. Start of Project: November 2023
  9. Completion of Project: October 2024
  10. Will work be performed in the right of way areas in Arredondo Estates community? Yes.
  11. Is maintenance of traffic provided? Yes
  12. Are there plans available for the residents and public to see?  Yes. Please refer to the Project Information tab in this website.
  13. Will there be any disturbances in the right of way areas? Yes.
  14. Will the disturbance in the right of way areas get restored to original condition? Yes.
  15. Will work be performed in owner’s property? Yes
  16. What type of work will be performed in owner’s property? Installation of water service and connection to existing water system in the property.
  17. Does the owner need to pay for the above work? No.
  18. Will the areas disturb from installation of water service in the owner’s property restored to original condition? Yes
  19. Will a shut off valve be provided to shut off water service system? Yes
  20. Will the owner get notified before construction work is performed in the owner’s property? Yes. The owner will be notified 24 hours before work in the property is carried out.
  21. Is the owner exposed to any liability while work is being carried out in their property. No
  22. What are the benefits that this project will provide the homeowners? Increased water pressure, increase water quality and increase service reliability. It benefits the whole community.
  23. What is required from the homeowner? Yes. For the contractor to access private property and access agreement is required for be signed by the owner.
  24. When does the access agreement need to be signed? As soon as possible.
  25. Is the owner required to sign the agreement. Yes
  26. What happens if the owner does not sign the access agreement? It will delay installation of the new water service to their property and because of the age and poor condition of the existing water service pipes there will be a potential for it to fail and water service not being available. In addition, the homeowner will not gain the befits described in FAQ No. 17
  27. Where can I find and sign the access agreement form? On this link: https://www.fgua.com/ae/#agreement
  28. Will boil water notices be sent during construction when a temporary shutdown of the system is required? Yes 
  29. Will be a public meeting held? Previous public meetings were already held, and a future meeting is planned on will be announced in this website.
  30. Should the homeowner had additional questions that were not answered from this FAQ, is there a phone number to call? Yes.

Download and complete an Application for Service form. This application can be found below:

When complete, email your Application for Service form to:

or mail to:
Teresa Irby-Butler, PE
9400 Southpark Center Loop, Suite 400
Orlando, FL 32819

UAP-12 Arredondo Estates WM Replacement Community Outreach Meeting #2

The FGUA would like to thank the residents that participated in the community meeting on February 1, 2024, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm which was held at Veterans Memorial Park building. The purpose of the community meeting was to provide information on the Arredondo Water Main Replacement project, answer any questions from the residents and for residents to sign temporary access agreements for their property. It is encouraged for the residents to sign the temporary access agreements as soon as possible to facilitate construction of this project in a timely manner.

Construction has begun in the first week of February.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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