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Cross Connection Policy

The FGUA requires all existing commercial and industrial customers, as well as residential customers with irrigation services to install and maintain a backflow prevention device to ensure that cross connections do not occur. A cross connection is any potential or physical connection between a potable water source and a water source of potentially harmful or questionable quality. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of non-potable water or other substances through the cross connection, and into the piping of a public water system or customer’s potable water system.

Backflow into a public water system may pollute or contaminate the public water supply, causing the water to be unusable or unsafe to drink. Backflow may occur through backpressure, where downstream pressure is greater than the potable water supply pressure, such as from reduction in the potable water supply pressure, or an increase in downstream pressure, which may occur when the water being used is greater than the amount being provided in the system. Backflow may also occur through back siphonage, where negative pressure occurs in the water supply system, which may cause a stoppage of the water supply, due to events including, but not limited to, nearby firefighting activities, or breaks in the water main.

As your local water provider, in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection water safety requirements (Florida Administrative Code, Rule 62-555), it is the FGUA’s responsibility to ensure that the water is safe to use and drink, including ensuring that all customer connections are free of cross connections. Customers with backflow prevention devices are required to conduct annual testing of the devices by certified inspections and provide those results to the FGUA. In the event that inspection results are not provided to the FGUA, in order to protect its water supply, the FGUA may terminate services until the results are provided. For additional information on the FGUA Cross Connection Control program and requirements, please visit the Compliance and Resources sections of our site.

Backflow Prevention Device
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