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Leak Detection

Not all leaks are clearly noticeable. Below is a list of simple tests you can perform to help identify potential leaks.

Leaking Faucet

1) Check Your Water Meter

  • Locate your water meter and look for a small, red or black triangular shaped indicator on the meter face. Make sure no water inside or outside the home is being used. If the leak indicator is spinning or moving, this indicates water is passing through the meter, thus indicating a possible leak.

2) Toilet Tank Test

  • Place food coloring in the toilet tank. Do not use the toilet for twenty minutes. Check the toilet bowl after twenty minutes to see if any color has seeped into the toilet bowl. If the toilet bowl has color in it, the toilet is leaking. This can be an indication of a leaky “flapper” valve. Toilet flappers are easy and cheap to replace. For more information about toilet leaks or replacing a flapper, visit your local hardware store and ask a sales rep for details.

3) Water Softener

  • Check the settings on your water softener. If you are adding more salt than usual, this may cause the water softener to cycle more often than it should.

4) Sprinkler System

  • Check the zones on your sprinkler system to see how long they run per cycle. You should not set the zones to run any longer than 10 minutes per zone, per day. Check for and replace broken sprinkler heads.
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