Proudly providing water and wastewater service to thousands of Floridians since 1999.

Education Programs

The FGUA is committed to educating citizens and school aged children about the importance of water and utilities in their communities. By educating the general public about these important topics, the FGUA aims to foster an interest in the science and engineering that goes into providing water and wastewater services, while providing communities with the knowledge and resources that they need to make better decisions regarding their environmental impact. Take a look at our list of programs below to learn more.

Annual Water Awareness Poster Contest

Beginning in 2010, the FGUA has an AWWA recognized outreach program in collaboration with Pasco County Utilities for elementary school students. This program is open to Kindergarten through 5th grade students in Pasco County. In order to participate, elementary schools teachers must register.

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Educational Presentations

Throughout the state, the FGUA has representatives that are available to give presentations to school aged children or community groups. Topics included have ranged from wetland restoration, how water is used in manufacturing, to how wastewater is processed and the budgeting process. If you’re interested in a presentation, please contact us.

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