Proudly providing water and wastewater service to thousands of Floridians since 1999.


In order to get water to your home, it has to come from somewhere. In different parts of the world, drinking water can come from many places. Typically, drinking water comes from a river, lake, spring, or from deep underground. Sometimes, drinking water can come from the ocean. This type of water is salty and requires processing to be made into drinking water. For FGUA customers, the beginning of water’s journey to your home starts deep underground. After a heavy rain, water soaks into the ground and gets trapped under sand and rock. We call this trapped water: The Floridian Aquifer.

Here is where we meet our beloved hero, Drippy. Drippy is a water droplet on a mission to bring you clean drinking water. Watch as he makes his way through an amazing network of pipes and pumps. He’s making this long journey, so that you have water to drink that is fresh and clean!

map of florida
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