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Disinfection and Filtration

Once raw water has had the rotten egg smell removed, there are still two more things that must happen before anyone can drink it. First, the dirt must be removed. In other words, Drippy needs a bath! Even though we’ve removed the smelly hydrogen sulfide gas, there’s still a lot of dirt and rocks that get sucked up from the pumps at the well site. Since nobody likes dirt in their water, the water must be cleaned. Water is cleaned by running it through a maze of filters. These filters remove the dirt and other particles in the raw water.

At this point, we have clear and good smelling water. But, there’s still one more thing that has to be done. Drippy is sick and he needs to get better. Otherwise, he can make you sick, if you drink him! Everywhere around us, even deep underground, there are germs and bacteria. These germs have to be killed before this water is sent to your home.

Germs are removed from the water by adding chemicals. The chemicals typically added are chlorine or chloramines. Chloramine is a chemical made of chlorine and ammonia. These chemicals are carefully added in just the right amount to make sure the germs are killed, but no one is harmed. In a way, it’s like giving Drippy some medicine, so he can come see you feeling better. Now that the water is safe to drink, we will look at where Drippy “hangs out” before going to your home.

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