Proudly providing water and wastewater service to thousands of Floridians since 1999.


Once water leaves a pumping station, it is pushed through a maze of pipes underground. These pipes are hidden beneath our feet under roadways, sidewalks, and even in our own front yards!

The pipes come in all different kinds of sizes too. The larger pipes are usually 6 to 12 inches wide and are often referred to as “water mains.” The water mains connect to smaller pipes that are less than 1 inch wide. These pipes are called “service lines.” As the water gets closer and closer to your home, the pipes get smaller and smaller. This is because less and less water is used.

Once Drippy enters a service line, he has one last stop before he gets to your house. But you better hurry, those service lines are pretty tight spaces and you don’t want to leave Drippy in there for very long. It’s not comfortable. Click “Go to Meters” to find out about his last stop.

Did you know? Pipes in the ground are color-coded: blue, green, and purple. Blue pipes represent drinking water. Green pipes represent “raw water” and wastewater. And, purple pipes represent reclaimed water.

Pipe in Trench
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