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Now that Drippy’s adventure has come to a close, let’s take a look at other sources of water.

As more and more people are born, water becomes a more and more precious resource. Everyone needs water to survive and as the population grows, there is a bigger need to protect this resource.

In order to protect this resource and still keep up with the demand for water, many utilities have resorted to building interconnections with other utilities. Simply put, an interconnection is a bunch of piping and some valves that connect what would normally be two separate utilities. In some instances, three or more utilities may have interconnections. An example of this is the FGUA’s Seven Springs system. This FGUA system has an interconnection with Pasco County Utilities, who in turn has interconnections with Tampa Bay Water.

In this scenario, the FGUA is a customer just like our customers. At times of high demand, the FGUA must purchase water from other utilities to protect the local water supply. All in all, these interconnections provide another vital source of water, while putting less stress on the local water supply. In closing, remember Drippy can come from many places, but it’s important to protect him, so that he’ll be around for years and years to come.

Did you know? The FGUA has interconnections with Lee County Utilities, City of Fort Myers, City of Tampa, and Pasco County Utilities.

FGUA Interconnection
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