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Odor Control

Now that we’ve got the water out of the ground, it’s time to start making it look and smell like water. Remember, in order to get into the aquifer, Drippy had to travel all the way through the ground as a raindrop. Getting through all that sand and rock is a dirty job. It is a smelly one too.

As water makes its way into the Earth, it comes into contact with a stinky gas, called hydrogen sulfide. This makes the water smell like rotten eggs and is commonly called “black water.” Since nobody likes stinky water, the gas has to be removed. Once water is taken from a well, it travels to a treatment plant. This treatment plant contains big silos that separate the water and the gas. The gas is literally blown away from the water.

Now that Drippy smells good, it’s time to clean him up a little bit more. Click “Disinfection and Filtration” to see how he keeps clean!

picture of industrial water treatment facility
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