Proudly providing water and wastewater service to thousands of Floridians since 1999.


Now that Drippy is done with his stay at the water treatment plant, it’s time to get him moving again. In order to get to your house, he has to find a way to get there.

Lucky for him, the FGUA has a pumping station. From the pumping station, water is forced into a distribution network (a bunch of pipes). These pipes lead to every house that the utility services. For a service area like Seven Springs in Trinity, which has over 20,000 customers, that’s a lot of pumping!

At this stage in our journey, the pumping station is where water pressure is created. Some places in the world use the force of gravity and water towers to push water through pipes and to your home. However, the FGUA uses pumps because they’re more modern and take up less space.

The pumps in a utility system can run on gasoline or electricity. Modern pumping stations often have backup generators in case of power failure.

FGUA Water Pump
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