Proudly providing water and wastewater service to thousands of Floridians since 1999.


Once a water source has been found, a hole is drilled deep into the ground. This hole runs from the top of the surface all the way to the aquifer. And, a pumping station is placed on top of the hole. This pumping station is often referred to as a “well.” Wells create suction, which pulls the water out of the ground. This suction is very similar to a person sipping a glass of milk through a straw. The water that is taken from the ground is referred to as “raw water.” This is because the water is not yet safe to drink.

At this point in our journey, Drippy has climbed out of a network of underground caves filled with raw water. On the surface, he reaches our pumping system which shoots him through a bunch of pipes and to his next stop! To see where Drippy will go next, click “Go to Odor Control” below.

Photo of FGUA Well Site
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