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Water Restrictions

FGUA customers should follow the water restrictions in place by their local water management district or their local county/city government. At times, water restrictions may differ between the local government and the water district. When differences occur, FGUA customers should simply follow the stricter watering guidelines to remain in compliance.

To assist customers with identifying their current water restrictions, the FGUA has provided links to each system’s water management district and local government websites. Customers are encouraged to check these pages regularly as water restrictions often change on a seasonal basis, depending upon drought conditions.

Enter your ZIP  CODE in the Search Box below and click on the appropriate link for either the local Government’s website or Water Management District.

Zip CodeSystemCountyCityLocal GovernmentWater District
32102Holiday HavenLakeAstorLake CountySt. Johns River
32102Jungle DenVolusiaAstorVolusia CountySt. Johns River
32110Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond BeachFlagler CountySt. Johns WMDr
32112Wootens MHPPutnamGeorgetownPutnamSaint John’s River
32131Palm PortPutnamEast PalatkaPutnamSaint John’s River
32131River GrovePutnamEast PalatkaPutnamSaint John’s River
32136Eagle LakesFlaglerFlagler BeachFlagler CountySaint John’s WMD
32136Beverly BeachFlaglerBeverly BeachFlagler CountySaint John’s WMD
32136Plantation BayFlaglerFlagler BeachFlagler CountySaint John’s WMD
32137Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond BeachFlagler CountySaint John’s WMD
32148Interlachen/Park ManorPutnamInterlachenNot availableSaint John’s River
32159Carlton VillageLakeLady LakeLake CountySt. Johns River
32159Hobby HillsLakeLady LakeLake CountySt. Johns River
32174Tomoka ViewVolusiaOrmond BeachVolusia CountySt. Johns River
32174Twin RiversVolusiaOrmond BeachVolusia CountySt. Johns River
32174Plantation BayVolusiaOrmond BeachPutnamSaint John’s River
32177Silver Lake OaksPutnamPalatkaNot availableSaint John’s River
32181Pomona ParkPutnamPomona ParkNot availableSaint John’s River
32187Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsumaNot availableSaint John’s River
32189Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsumaNot availableSaint John’s River
32189Saratoga HarborPutnamSatsumaNot availableSt. Johns River
32189Welaka MHPPutnamSatsumaNot availableSt. Johns River
32193Beechers PointPutnamWelakaNot availableSaint John’s River
32608Arredondo EstatesAlachuaGainesvilleAlachua CountySt. Johns River
32701Harmony HomesSeminoleAltamonte SpringsSeminole CountySt. Johns River
32735Grand TerraceLakeGrand IslandLake CountySt. Johns River
32750Florida Central Commerce ParkSeminoleLongwoodSeminole CountySt. Johns River
32757Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. DoraOrange CountySt. Johns River
32766ChuluotaSeminoleChuluotaSeminole CountySt. Johns River
32776Fairways At Mt PlymouthLakeSorrentoLake CountySt. Johns River
32777Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. DoraOrange CountySt. Johns River
32778Imperial TerraceLakeTavaresLake CountySt. Johns River
32778Summit ChaseLakeTavaresLake CountySt. Johns River
32778Venetian VillageLakeTavaresLake CountySt. Johns River
33544Angus ValleyPascoWesley ChapelPascoSouthwest Florida
33548Cypress CovePascoLand O LakesPascoSouthwest Florida
33549Cypress CovePascoLand O LakesPascoSouthwest Florida
33556Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
33558Linda LakesPascoLutzPascoSouthwest Florida
33558Paradise LakesPascoLutzPascoSouthwest Florida
33559Turtle LakesPascoLand O LakesPascoSouthwest Florida
33801Village WaterPolkLakelandPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33803Village WaterPolkLakelandPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33809Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakelandPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33809Lake Gibson EstatesPolkLakelandPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33810Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakelandPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33873Peace RiverHardeeWauchulaNot availableSouthwest Florida
33880Orange Hill/Sugar CreekPolkWinter HavenPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33898Breeze HillPolkLake WalesPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33898Rosalie OaksPolkLake WalesPolk CountySouthwest Florida
33903Lake FairwaysLeeNorth Fort MyersLee CountySouth Florida
33903North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort MyersLee CountySouth Florida
33903Pine LakesLeeNorth Fort MyersLee CountySouth Florida
33913Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
33917North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort MyersLee CountySouth Florida
33924South SeasLeeCaptivaLee CountySouth Florida
33936Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
33971Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
33972Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
33973Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
33974Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresLee CountySouth Florida
34420Belleview Hills/ Jog AcresMarionBelleviewMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34420Hawks PointMarionBelleviewMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34431DunnellonMarionCity of DunnellonMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34431Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow SpringsMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34431Rio VistaMarionRio VistaMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34432DunnellonMarionCity of DunnellonMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34432Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow SpringsMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34432Rio VistaMarionRio VistaMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34432Juliette FallsMarionJuliette FallsMarion CountySaint Johns' WMD
34436Castle LakeCitrusFloral CityCitrus CountySouthwest Florida
34446Kenwood NorthCitrusHomosassaCitrus CountySouthwest Florida
34446Meadow Drive SouthCitrusHomosassaCitrus CountySouthwest Florida
34448Pine ValleyCitrusHomosassaCitrus CountySouthwest Florida
34448West CitrusCitrusHomosassaCitrus CountySouthwest Florida
34475West ViewMarionOcalaCitrus CountySt. Johns River
34479Chappell HillsMarionOcalaMarion CountySt. Johns River
34479Ocala Oaks/49th Street VillageMarionOcalaMarion CountySt. Johns River
34480BelleairMarionOcalaMarion CountySt. Johns River
34482Ridge MeadowsMarionOcalaMarion CountySt. Johns River
34491Belleview Hills EstatesMarionSummerfieldMarion CountySt. Johns River
34491Fairfax HillsMarionSummerfieldMarion CountySt. Johns River
34491Marion HillsMarionSummerfieldMarion CountySt. Johns River
34491Woodberry ForestMarionBelleviewMarion CountySt. Johns River
34639Turtle LakesPascoLand O LakesPascoSouthwest Florida
34652Colonial ManorPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34653Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34653Virginia CityPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34655Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34689Anclote VillagePascoHolidayPascoSouthwest Florida
34690Colonial ManorPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34690Dixie Groves EstatesPascoNew Port RicheyPascoSouthwest Florida
34691Aloha GardensPascoHolidayPascoSouthwest Florida
34691Anclote VillagePascoHolidayPascoSouthwest Florida
34691WestwoodPascoHolidayPascoSouthwest Florida
34705East Lake Harris EstatesLakeAstatulaLake CountySt. Johns River
34705Friendly CenterLakeAstatulaLake CountySt. Johns River
34731Kings CoveLakeFruitland ParkLake CountySt. Johns River
34731Picciola IslandLakeFruitland ParkLake CountySt. Johns River
34731Piney Woods/Spring Lake ManorLakeFruitland ParkLake CountySt. Johns River
34731SkycrestLakeFruitland ParkLake CountySt. Johns River
34731Valencia TerraceLakeFruitland ParkLake CountySt. Johns River
34748Fern TerraceLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34748Palms MHPLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34748RavenswoodLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34749MorningviewLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
3478848 EstatesLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34788Haines CreekLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34788Quail RidgeLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34788Silver Lake EstatesLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34788Western ShoresLakeLeesburgLake CountySt. Johns River
34797Stone MountainLakeYalahaLake CountySt. Johns River

Note: Please note that the FGUA makes every effort to keep these links up-to-date. However, from time to time, information on other websites may be moved or deleted. If this occurs, please contact us.

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