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April is Water Conservation Month and an ideal time to consider smart water use to protect our water supply and your pocketbook. The FGUA encourages all water users to take simple step to conserve our water supply. Leaks in household water pipes can be costly and wasteful.

Did you know that leaks can be sneaky…they can be hidden and hard to find. Water maybe secretly trickling slowly from a pipe or fixture somewhere in your home. Detective Drippy Holms needs your help and keen eye looking out and finding leaks that maybe lurking around your home.

You can help Detective Holms solve “The Case of the High Water Bill”. Click Here – to help Detective Holms and “look for clues”, then use the clues to find leaks lurking in your home. Once you have completed the activity sheet and located the leaks lurking in your home, write a short story about your leak detecting adventures and enter our Leak Sleuth Contest!

Enter the Leak Sleuth Contest!

Entry Guidelines:

You may enter an original short story, of a thousand words or less, that may include hand drawings or pictures (you can scan and attach them) for kids at the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade level.

Please include:

  • Complete the entry form telling us a little bit about your-self, your age, grade level, address and telephone and/or email.
  • Please have a parent fill out the parental permission to publish your work.
  • Three winners will be selected—one for each grade level. Winning stories will be published on the FGUA website and FGUA Facebook page.
  • We reserve the right to publish your entry at our discretion.
  • Winners will receive a $100 VISA gift card.
  • All participants will receive a certificate and a participation prize.
  • Entries maybe emailed to FGUA at – by April 30th.

Click Here to view or download the “Looking for Clues” activity sheet

Click Here to view or download the Contest Entry Form

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