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My Meter

Most people know that the water we consume is measured by a meter. What many people don’t know is how meters work and why they’re important.

As an FGUA customer, it’s helpful to know about your meter, so that you can monitor your usage habits and be able to troubleshoot any problems with leaks or plumbing before they become major headaches.

Meters measure the flow of water (typically in gallons) through a service line before it enters the home or business. In many ways, meters are very similar to an odometer that measures miles on a car. In some instances, newer meter models might come with a radio transmitter. This transmitter relays information to a receiver, which makes the meter reading process more efficient.

Water Meter

Locating My Meter

Information to help you find your meter.

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Reading My Meter

Learn how to read a meter and check for leaks.

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Learn more about the FGUA’s responsibility for your meter and what responsibilities customers have for their plumbing.

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