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Locating My Meter

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While it’s permissible for customers to observe their usage and inspect their meter, it’s important to note that any modifications, tampering, or theft of a water meter is considered a punishable criminal offense under Florida law.

Locating your meter can be a bit of a challenge since locations will vary based upon how the home or business was constructed. Here are a few tips and clues that can help you to find your meter:

Curbside Meter and Hydrant
1) Look outside near the curb of your home.

  • Meters will often be located in a box in your front yard near the curb of a house or as part of the sidewalk outside of your place of business.

2) Look around your yard or garage.

  • Depending upon how your home was constructed, sometimes meters can be found in unusual places like in a backyard or in the garage.

3) Use a hose bib for guidance.

  • Often, meters are directly connected via a service line to an outdoor hose bib, since this is typically the first place that water makes its way into the home.

4) Talk to your realtor or landlord.

  • A realtor or landlord may have useful information about your utility provider as part of due diligence they have conducted. This could include the meter location and equally important, shut off valve.

5) Give us a call.

  • If we’re currently reading a meter at your property, chances are one of our technicians knows its location.
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