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Reading My Meter

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: While it’s permissible for customers to observe their usage and inspect their meter, it’s important to note that any modifications, tampering, or theft of a water meter is considered a punishable criminal offense under Florida law.

While the FGUA uses a variety of meter models, you’ll find that each meter has common characteristics. Usually, each meter will include a register, a leak/flow detector, and a dial. Here is a quick explanation of each of the components, so that you can better understand how to read your meter:

Face of a Water Meter


1) Register.

  • The register keeps track of your cumulative usage. When a meter reader takes a read, this register is what is recorded. Your bill is then calculated by subtracting your previous read from the current read.

2) Leak/Flow Detector.

  • This part of the meter gives an indication of leaks and usage. Usually, this will be a small red wheel or triangle device. Whenever water is flowing through the meter, this part of the meter will spin. If there is no water being used in the home or by any appliances, and this part of the meter is spinning, it could be an indication of a leak that’s causing water to flow through the meter.

3) Dial.

  • The dial registers usage on a gallon basis. You’ll note that with some models the last digit on the register is painted black. This is because the dial is used to determine the last digit of a meter read instead of the register.


Let’s say your meter is read on January 1st. The meter register reads 0010000 or 10,000 gallons. On February 1st, the meter now reads 0013000 or 13,000 gallons. The usage between January 1st and February 1st would be calculated at 3,000 gallons.

To learn more about Water Saving Tips or Leak Detection, please check out our “Sustainability” session.

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