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Thank you for notifying us that you wish to discontinue service with the FGUA. Service termination is an available service for tenants who are moving out of the property or property owners who have sold the property.

In most systems, the FGUA does not permit inactive accounts if the property owner is the active account holder. This means that water can be turned off and the meter can be locked at the property owner’s request, but base charges will still be applied to the account until the property is sold or transferred. Base charges are similar to an HOA fee in that it helps cover the cost of maintaining service lines throughout the utility system, including the ones leading to your property.

If and when service has been initiated again, the lines will have been properly maintained, and should be ready for service. Please note that if the monthly base fees are left unpaid for more than 60 days, a lien will be filed on the property. If you have questions regarding this fee, please contact your local customer service office.

For tenants who are moving and property owners who have sold the property, please complete and return the following form. This will assist us with closing your account.

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