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Transfer Service

This section is for customers who already have FGUA for their water and wastewater service and are moving to another location that is also serviced by FGUA. Transferring services can be completed with a written request.

Step 1:

Terminate Services

In order to transfer services, customers will want to complete two forms. The first form is the Termination of Service Form. This lets us know that your old account should be closed at your old residence. Once the old account is closed, a final bill is generated. The deposit on the old account is used to pay the final bill and any remaining credit is sent to the customer via check, unless the balance exceeds the deposit. Your Termination of Service form also lets us know where to mail your refund, if applicable. For property owners, it’s important to note that an account can only be closed, once a property has transferred or sold and that base fees will still be applied to the account. For more information on this, please see “Stop Service.”

Download Termination Application »

Step 2:

Re-establish Service

Next, customers should complete the Service Activation Form. To save money, customers may be eligible to have their deposit transferred to the new account if their previous balance was fully paid. However, the old account must have been open for 12 months and have a good credit history/good standing to be eligible for a deposit transfer. Otherwise, a new deposit will be required on the new account. If your old account had an outstanding balance, this amount will be transferred to the new account and will become due on your new bill along with the current charges from the new location. It is important to note that balance transfers require verification of the account holder’s social security or Driver’s license number. This is meant to ensure that any balance that is transferred is assigned to the responsible party.

Download Service Application »

Please note that the FGUA takes all precautions to ensure fair billing practices for its customers. The FGUA reserves the right to obtain occupant and/or owner information from County Property Appraiser websites or other sources in order to ensure compliance with billing requirements.

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