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Fees for Developers

The fee schedules provided here are for informational purposes. Exact fees are determined according to actual project specifications. It is important to note that fee schedules vary across FGUA systems and are driven by system financials. Fee schedules are set by the governing body of the FGUA, its Board of Directors. For more information on fees, contact our FGUA Development Team.

Utility Availability Fees

Utility Availability Map – $75.00

  • Fee applies only to utility availability map and not the letter.

Letter of Utility Location Availability – $25.00

  • Fee applies to letter only and not the map.

Plan Review Fees

Base Fee – $700.00

  • Fee covers up to nine sheets. Each additional sheet costs $50.00.

Resubmission Fee – $350.00

  • Fee covers resubmission up to nine sheets. Each additional sheet costs $25.00.

Modification Fee – $175.00

  • Fee covers modification up to nine sheets. Each additional sheet costs $25.00.

Inspection Fees

Inspection Fee – 2.5% of utility cost construction ($500.00 minimum)

  • 2.5% of utility cost construction is based on signed and sealed engineer’s opinion of probable construction cost. Minimum inspection fee is $500.00. Includes the first pressure test (if required). Each additional pressure test will be $200.00 per test.

System Capacity Fees

System capacity fees will vary depending upon where your construction project is taking place and which FGUA system that will provide your project with service. Since each system has its own rate structure, different rates apply. In order to determine the capacity fees for your project, simply search by zip code in the table below.

System Capacity Fees

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