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Closeout Documents

The following documents are provided for informational purposes only. Please note that the closeout forms required for a particular project will vary based upon the customized Conveyance and Service Agreement Checklist (Exhibit B) provided with the CSA. You must contact the Development Review Team prior to beginning the closeout process in order to have the proper documents prepared for your project.

Adobe PDF Sample Warranty Deed

The warranty deed is used to convey wells, plants, storage tanks, lift stations and any other land containing infrastructure that the FGUA must secure (fence) that could be interfered with by inclusion of other utilities in the same land.

Adobe PDF Sample Utility Easement

The utility easement is generally used to convey non-exclusive easements to the FGUA to contain underground pipelines. Because the easement is non-exclusive, other utilities may use the same land for installation, maintenance and operation of other utilities.

Adobe PDF Sample Bill of Sale

The bill of sale conveys interests in personal property (things installed in the land, such as, pipes, valves, etc.).

Adobe PDF Sample Attorney Affidavit

The attorney’s affidavit is a document that indicates the developer is the owner of the property to be conveyed and that the property has no encumbrances such as mortgages or other easement holders that could interfere with the FGUA’s use of the land. The attorney’s affidavit relieves the developer from the requirement to purchase title insurance which is a significant saving for the developer. If the developer wishes not to provide an attorney’s affidavit, it may purchase title insurance and name the FGUA as an insured instead.

Adobe PDF Sample Owner Affidavit

The owner’s affidavit assures to the FGUA that all contractors, subcontractors or material providers that provided goods or services to the developer for the project have been paid and cannot put a lien on the property that the developer is about to convey to the FGUA. The form also is required to determine if taxes will be owed on the property that is being conveyed to the FGUA and to identify all persons conveying property to a government.

Adobe PDF Contractor’s Release of Lien Form

In addition to the owner’s affidavit, the FGUA requires that each contractor, subcontractor or material provider that worked on the project provide a release of lien.

Adobe PDF Owner’s Waiver and Release Form

The owner’s waiver and release is designed to release any lien or other interest in the property that the owner may still have to the property after it is conveyed to the FGUA. It serves essentially the same purpose as the release of lien document for the contractors, subcontractors and material providers.

Adobe PDF Contractor Letter of Warranty Form

The contractor’s letter of warranty provides a warranty for custom built items such as sewers or lift stations that may not have a traditional written warranty.

Adobe PDF Engineers Certification of Construction Completion Form

The engineer’s certification of construction completion provides confirmation that the job is complete in accordance with the engineering plans. The engineer of record should execute this form.


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