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Why did my bill go up?

An FGUA bill consists of three parts: base charges, consumption charges, and fees. Typically, base charges and consumption charges are broken down into services for water and wastewater. In some instances, there may also be charges for reclaimed services, where applicable.

Base charges cover your system’s fixed costs. These are costs that the utility incurs, even when customers are not using water and assist with maintaining utility infrastructure. Base charges are fixed but may be adjusted annually if a rate change occurs. Consumption charges help to cover the cost of producing potable water and treating wastewater. Consumption charges will vary based on your water usage. Lastly, fees are incurred as certain services are rendered. For example, a connection fee might be applied when you establish service or a late fee might be applied, if a late payment is made. To learn more about your bill, please visit the About My Bill section. For a specific issue regarding your bill, please Contact Us.

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