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FGUA Visits Wesley Chapel School Promoting Annual Water Conservation Poster Contest

The Florida Governmental Utility Authority visited Wesley Chapel Elementary School on Thursday, February 9, promoting water education and conservation to Ms. Barcelona’s and Mrs. Kirkwood’s Fourth Grade classes as part of its joint Annual Water Awareness Poster Contest with Pasco County Utilities. The theme of the 14th year of the program is “We Need Water, Water Needs Us!” Students learn about how water utilities contribute to public safety for our communities, the importance of safety when working with our playing in water, and how we can all contribute to the safety of our drinking water supply through pollution prevention. Additionally, students learn about the importance of water conservation and how they can encourage others to do so, as well.
Pasco County elementary schools requesting in-person presentations may contact Ms. Clark at (727) 372-0118, or by e-mailing her at pclark@govmserv.com.
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