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Outage and Boil Water
in Lutz, FL

Oak Grove Community Cross Connection Control Program

System: Turtle Lakes
Status: Planned Outage
Cause: Planned Maintenance
Effective Date: 05/07/2024
Customers Impacted: 215

Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Beginning this month, the FGUA will begin annual maintenance of potable water meters in the Oak Grove community by installing new internal cartridges in existing backflow prevention devices on the potable water meter that will fit within the potable meter box. The cartridge change ensures that each customer meets all Federal and State drinking water safety standards.  Backflow is an unplanned reverse flow of water that can cause serious health concerns from possible contaminated water on the customer’s side of the potable metered connection.  Installation of the new cartridges in existing backflow device ensures that a reverse flow does not occur or contaminate the public water system.

During this installation process, customers may expect up to a 45-minute interruption of service.  Prior to the cartridge changeout on each property, an FGUA Representative will provide a courtesy knock notifying you of the interruption in service.  Once the installation is complete, customers may resume water use as desired, as no Precautionary Boil Water Notices are needed for this service improvement.

For those residences that have an existing above-ground backflow prevention device (RPZ), your installation will take place once all other non-RPZ locations have been installed, as these units require additional work to complete.  A separate notice will go out to alert you to when this installation will take place.

A detailed anticipated program schedule for the Oak Grove community Backflow Prevention Device Program is noted below:

Addresss RangeNumber of CustomersAnticipated Cartridge Replacement Dates
24245-24530 Summer Wind Court545/7/24-5/18/24
24310-24519 Breezy Oak Court425/18/24-5/28/24
24514-24710 Voterra Court345/28/24-6/7/24
24537-24650 Victoria Wood Court236/7/24-6/19/24
24330-24520 Summer Nights Court396/20/24-7/1/24
24416-24518 Karnali Court237/1/24-7/11/24


Customers with any questions regarding this project may contact Patti Clark, FGUA Community Services Coordinator by phone at (727) 372-0118, or by e-mail at patti.clark@fgua.com


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