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Western Pasco County Systems Reclaimed Water Service Availability During Drought Conditions

June 28, 2023

Recent rain events have increased availability of reclaimed water to FGUA reclaimed water service customers in New Port Richey and Trinity.

However, the ongoing drought conditions may cause a decrease in water pressure caused by the increased demand for reclaimed water during peak permitted irrigation hours.

FGUA encourages customers follow existing Pasco County Reclaimed Watering Restrictions, and limit irrigation to the permitted two days per week as provided under Pasco County Ordinances.  The table below provided from Pasco County Utilities’ website contains the permitted reclaimed watering hours:

Table courtesy of Pasco County, Florida Website, https://pascocountyfl.gov/807/Water-Conservation-Scheduling-Restrictio

Customers are encouraged to review their irrigation settings, and adjust the watering times within the permitted scheduled time as needed to ensure service.  To reduce demand, customers are also encouraged to only water when the lawn or landscape requires watering, and consider turning off the irrigation system after it rains and if precipitation is sufficient for meeting landscaping requirements.

For more irrigation tips, please visit our sustainability page.

Thank you for your efforts ensuring continued reclaimed service during the drought.

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