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Rates & Fees

The FGUA presently offers water, wastewater, and reclaimed services to its customers, depending on the area and FGUA system. To learn more about the rates and fees associated with these services, please click on one of the buttons below. Please note that in the event that there is a discrepancy between the rates published here and any FGUA Board Resolution, the rates in the resolution shall prevail.

Current Rates

The FGUA presently offers water, wastewater, and reclaimed services to its customers. In some instances, some of these services may not be available to customers in certain areas. To learn more about the rates and fees associated with these services, please search for your system by typing in the text box below.

Please note that in the event that there is a discrepancy between the rates published here and any FGUA Board Resolution, the rates in the resolution shall prevail.

View/Download Rate Sheet for your area. Enter your Zip Code, City, Water System, or County in the search box below:

Zip CodeSystemCountyCityRate Sheet
32102Holiday HavenLakeAstorView Rates
32102Jungle DenVolusiaAstorView Rates
32110Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond BeachView Rates
32112Wootens MHPPutnamGeorgetownView Rates
32131Palm PortPutnamEast PalatkaView Rates
32131River GrovePutnamEast PalatkaView Rates
32136Eagle LakesFlaglerFlagler BeachView Rates
32136Beverly BeachFlaglerBeverly BeachView Rates
32136Plantation BayFlaglerFlagler BeachView Rates
32137Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond BeachView Rates
32148Interlachen/Park ManorPutnamInterlachenView Rates
32159Carlton VillageLakeLady LakeView Rates
32159Hobby HillsLakeLady LakeView Rates
32174Tomoka ViewVolusiaOrmond BeachView Rates
32174Twin RiversVolusiaOrmond BeachView Rates
32174Plantation BayVolusiaOrmond BeachView Rates
32177Silver Lake OaksPutnamPalatkaView Rates
32181Pomona ParkPutnamPomona ParkView Rates
32187Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsumaView Rates
32189Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsumaView Rates
32189Saratoga HarborPutnamSatsumaView Rates
32189Welaka MHPPutnamSatsumaView Rates
32193Beechers PointPutnamWelakaView Rates
32608Arredondo EstatesAlachuaGainesvilleView Rates
32701Harmony HomesSeminoleAltamonte SpringsView Rates
32735Grand TerraceLakeGrand IslandView Rates
32750Florida Central Commerce ParkSeminoleLongwoodView Rates
32757Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. DoraView Rates
32766ChuluotaSeminoleChuluotaView Rates
32776Fairways At Mt PlymouthLakeSorrentoView Rates
32777Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. DoraView Rates
32778Imperial TerraceLakeTavaresView Rates
32778Summit ChaseLakeTavaresView Rates
32778Venetian VillageLakeTavaresView Rates
33544Angus ValleyPascoWesley ChapelView Rates
33548Cypress CovePascoLand O LakesView Rates
33549Cypress CovePascoLand O LakesView Rates
33556Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
33558Linda LakesPascoLutzView Rates
33558Paradise LakesPascoLutzView Rates
33559Turtle LakesPascoLand O LakesView Rates
33801Village WaterPolkLakelandView Rates
33803Village WaterPolkLakelandView Rates
33809Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakelandView Rates
33809Lake Gibson EstatesPolkLakelandView Rates
33810Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakelandView Rates
33873Peace RiverHardeeWauchulaView Rates
33880Orange Hill/Sugar CreekPolkWinter HavenView Rates
33898Breeze HillPolkLake WalesView Rates
33898Rosalie OaksPolkLake WalesView Rates
33903Lake FairwaysLeeNorth Fort MyersView Rates
33903North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort MyersView Rates
33903Pine LakesLeeNorth Fort MyersView Rates
33913Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
33917North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort MyersView Rates
33924South SeasLeeCaptivaView Rates
33936Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
33971Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
33972Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
33973Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
33974Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh AcresView Rates
34420Belleview Hills/ Jog AcresMarionBelleviewView Rates
34420Hawks PointMarionBelleviewView Rates
34431DunnellonMarionCity of DunnellonView Rates
34431Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow SpringsView Rates
34431Rio VistaMarionRio VistaView Rates
34432DunnellonMarionCity of DunnellonView Rates
34432Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow SpringsView Rates
34432Rio VistaMarionRio VistaView Rates
34432Juliette FallsMarionJuliette FallsView Rates
34436Castle LakeCitrusFloral CityView Rates
34446Kenwood NorthCitrusHomosassaView Rates
34446Meadow Drive SouthCitrusHomosassaView Rates
34448Pine ValleyCitrusHomosassaView Rates
34448West CitrusCitrusHomosassaView Rates
34475West ViewMarionOcalaView Rates
34479Chappell HillsMarionOcalaView Rates
34479Ocala Oaks/49th Street VillageMarionOcalaView Rates
34480BelleairMarionOcalaView Rates
34482Ridge MeadowsMarionOcalaView Rates
34491Belleview Hills EstatesMarionSummerfieldView Rates
34491Fairfax HillsMarionSummerfieldView Rates
34491Marion HillsMarionSummerfieldView Rates
34491Woodberry ForestMarionBelleviewView Rates
34639Turtle LakesPascoLand O LakesView Rates
34652Colonial ManorPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34653Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34653Virginia CityPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34655Seven SpringsPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34689Anclote VillagePascoHolidayView Rates
34690Colonial ManorPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34690Dixie Groves EstatesPascoNew Port RicheyView Rates
34691Aloha GardensPascoHolidayView Rates
34691Anclote VillagePascoHolidayView Rates
34691WestwoodPascoHolidayView Rates
34705East Lake Harris EstatesLakeAstatulaView Rates
34705Friendly CenterLakeAstatulaView Rates
34731Kings CoveLakeFruitland ParkView Rates
34731Picciola IslandLakeFruitland ParkView Rates
34731Piney Woods/Spring Lake ManorLakeFruitland ParkView Rates
34731SkycrestLakeFruitland ParkView Rates
34731Valencia TerraceLakeFruitland ParkView Rates
34748Fern TerraceLakeLeesburgView Rates
34748Palms MHPLakeLeesburgView Rates
34748RavenswoodLakeLeesburgView Rates
34749MorningviewLakeLeesburgView Rates
3478848 EstatesLakeLeesburgView Rates
34788Haines CreekLakeLeesburgView Rates
34788Quail RidgeLakeLeesburgView Rates
34788Silver Lake EstatesLakeLeesburgView Rates
34788Western ShoresLakeLeesburgView Rates
34797Stone MountainLakeYalahaView Rates


The FGUA requires a deposit in order to initiate service. Deposits vary by system and meter sizes. The following table shows deposits for our most common residential meter size, which is 5/8 inch or 3/4 inch. In some cases, deposits may be waived due to excellent credit history. If you would like to request consideration, please contact your local FGUA office. Proof of utility payment history is required.

Please note that in the event that there is a discrepancy between the deposits published here and any FGUA Board Resolution, the deposits in the resolution shall prevail.

Determine what deposits are required for service in your area. Enter your Zip Code, City, Water System, or County in the search box below:

Zip CodeSystemCountyCityWater DepositSewer DepositBoth Deposit
32102Holiday HavenLakeAstor$89.06$135.75$224.81
32102Jungle DenVolusiaAstor$89.06$135.75$224.81
32110Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond Beach$100.00$100.00Not Applicable
32112Wootens MHPPutnamGeorgetown$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32131Palm PortPutnamEast Palatka$89.06$135.75$224.81
32131River GrovePutnamEast Palatka$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32136Eagle LakesFlaglerFlagler Beach$75.00$75.00Not Applicable
32136Beverly BeachFlaglerBeverly Beach$100.00$100.00Not Applicable
32136Plantation BayFlaglerFlagler Beach$100.00$100.00Not Applicable
32137Plantation BayFlaglerOrmond Beach$100.00$100.00Not Applicable
32148Interlachen/Park ManorPutnamInterlachen$89.06$135.75$224.81
32159Carlton VillageLakeLady Lake$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32159Hobby HillsLakeLady Lake$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32174Tomoka ViewVolusiaOrmond Beach$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32174Twin RiversVolusiaOrmond Beach$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32174Plantation BayVolusiaOrmond Beach$100.00$100.00Not Applicable
32177Silver Lake OaksPutnamPalatka$89.06$135.75$224.81
32181Pomona ParkPutnamPomona Park$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32187Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsuma$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32189Hermits Cove/St. Johns HighlandsPutnamSatsuma$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32189Saratoga HarborPutnamSatsuma$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32189Welaka MHPPutnamSatsuma$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32193Beechers PointPutnamWelaka$89.06$135.75$224.81
32608Arredondo EstatesAlachuaGainesville$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32701Harmony HomesSeminoleAltamonte Springs$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32735Grand TerraceLakeGrand Island$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32750Florida Central Commerce ParkSeminoleLongwoodNot Applicable2x AverageNot Applicable
32757Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. Dora$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32776Fairways At Mt PlymouthLakeSorrento$81.02$135.75$216.77
32777Tangerine ParkOrangeMt. Dora$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32778Imperial TerraceLakeTavares$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
32778Summit ChaseLakeTavares$89.06$105.37$194.43
32778Venetian VillageLakeTavares$89.06$135.75$224.81
33544Angus ValleyPascoWesley Chapel$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
33548Cypress CovePascoLand O Lakes$56.00$75.00$115.00
33549Cypress CovePascoLand O Lakes$56.00$75.00$115.00
33556Seven SpringsPascoNew Port Richey$56.00$112.00$168.00
33558Linda LakesPascoLutz$56.00$75.00$115.00
33558Paradise LakesPascoLutz$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
33559Turtle LakesPascoLand O Lakes$56.00$75.00$115.00
33801Village WaterPolkLakeland$89.062x AverageNot Applicable
33803Village WaterPolkLakeland$89.062x AverageNot Applicable
33809Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakeland$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
33809Lake Gibson EstatesPolkLakeland$89.06$135.75$224.81
33810Gibsonia EstatesPolkLakeland$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
33873Peace RiverHardeeWauchula$89.06$135.75$224.81
33880Orange Hill/Sugar CreekPolkWinter Haven$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
33898Breeze HillPolkLake Wales$89.06$135.75$224.81
33898Rosalie OaksPolkLake Wales$89.06$135.75$224.81
33903Lake FairwaysLeeNorth Fort Myers$75.00$95.00$170.00
33903North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort Myers$75.00$95.00$170.00
33903Pine LakesLeeNorth Fort Myers$75.00$95.00$170.00
33913Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
33917North Fort MyersLeeNorth Fort Myers$75.00$95.00$170.00
33924South SeasLeeCaptivaNot Applicable$135.75Not Applicable
33936Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
33971Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
33972Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
33973Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
33974Lehigh AcresLeeLehigh Acres$75.00$95.00$170.00
34420Belleview Hills/ Jog AcresMarionBelleview$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34420Hawks PointMarionBelleview$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34431DunnellonMarionCity of Dunnellon$90.00$90.00$180.00
34431Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow Springs$90.00$90.00$180.00
34431Rio VistaMarionRio Vista$90.00$90.00$180.00
34432DunnellonMarionCity of Dunnellon$90.00$90.00$180.00
34432Rainbow SpringsMarionRainbow Springs$90.00$90.00$180.00
34432Rio VistaMarionRio Vista$90.00$90.00$180.00
34432Juliette FallsMarionJuliette Falls$90.00$90.00$180.00
34436Castle LakeCitrusFloral City$116.69Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34446Kenwood NorthCitrusHomosassa$116.69Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34446Meadow Drive SouthCitrusHomosassa$116.69Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34448Pine ValleyCitrusHomosassa$116.69Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34448West CitrusCitrusHomosassa$116.69Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34475West ViewMarionOcala$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34479Chappell HillsMarionOcala$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34479Ocala Oaks/49th Street VillageMarionOcala$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34480BelleairMarionOcala$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34482Ridge MeadowsMarionOcala$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34491Belleview Hills EstatesMarionSummerfield$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34491Fairfax HillsMarionSummerfield$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34491Marion HillsMarionSummerfield$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34491Woodberry ForestMarionBelleview$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34639Turtle LakesPascoLand O Lakes$56.00$75.00$115.00
34652Colonial ManorPascoNew Port Richey$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34653Seven SpringsPascoNew Port Richey$56.00$112.00$168.00
34653Virginia CityPascoNew Port Richey$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34655Seven SpringsPascoNew Port Richey$56.00$112.00$168.00
34689Anclote VillagePascoHoliday$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34690Colonial ManorPascoNew Port Richey$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34690Dixie Groves EstatesPascoNew Port Richey$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34691Aloha GardensPascoHoliday$56.00$112.00$168.00
34691Anclote VillagePascoHoliday$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34691WestwoodPascoHoliday$56.00Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34705East Lake Harris EstatesLakeAstatula$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34705Friendly CenterLakeAstatula$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34731Kings CoveLakeFruitland Park$81.02$105.37$186.39
34731Picciola IslandLakeFruitland Park$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34731Piney Woods/Spring Lake ManorLakeFruitland Park$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34731SkycrestLakeFruitland Park$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34731Valencia TerraceLakeFruitland Park$89.06$105.37$194.43
34748Fern TerraceLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34748Palms MHPLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34748RavenswoodLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
3478848 EstatesLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34788Haines CreekLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34788Quail RidgeLakeLeesburg$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34788Silver Lake EstatesLakeLeesburg$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34788Western ShoresLakeLeesburg$81.02Not ApplicableNot Applicable
34797Stone MountainLakeYalaha$89.06Not ApplicableNot Applicable

Fees for Customers

In an effort to keep customers informed about what fees that they could encounter for their water and wastewater services, the FGUA has provided some general information that applies to all systems. Please note that the fees listed below are not an exhaustive list and simply reflect the fees that are mostly commonly encountered by customers.

Water Droplet holding Dollar Bill

Establishing Service

Connection Fee – $25.00

Fee is charged when setting up a new account prior to the day service is requested.

After Hours Fee – $75.00

Fee is charged for customers requesting same day service after 1:00 pm EST.

Paying Late – Late Fee – $5.00 or 5% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater.

Fee is charged when a customer fails to make a payment by the due date.

Reconnection Fee – $145.00

Fee is charged once a customer has been disconnected due to non-payment and wishes to re-establish service.

Same Day Service Fee – $207.50

Fee is charged for customers requesting same day service.

Service Calls

Premise Visit Fee (Normal Hours) – $125.00
Premise Visit Fee (After Hours) – $187.50

Fee is charged in instances where a technician must revisit a premise to resolve an issue not attributed to the FGUA. Examples when this fee may apply include, but are not limited to: meter access issue, leaks found during service activation, or excessive re-read requests during a 12 month period.

Meter Reread – $125.00

For more information about fees, please visit our “Records Search” section or “Contact Us“.

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