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Rainbow River - Rio Vista Septic to Sewer Updates

Rainbow River – Rio Vista Septic to Sewer
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Project Information

  • Summary–Under the DUP15 (Rio Vista Septic to Sewer) project, FGUA will provide a central sewer collection system in and around the Rio Vista service area inclusive of a gravity sewer mains, low pressure mains, onsite sewer laterals, grinder pump stations on properties requiring them and abandonment of existing septic tanks.
  • Project Funding –Funding is provided by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) agency’s Springs Funding Grant in the amount of $10.8 million.
  • What it is going to cost you –The new central sewer system, onsite facilities, abandonment of existing septic tanks and sewer impact fees are sponsored by the FDEP grant. There would be no direct cost for the transition of wastewater service , but will require a monthly sewer service charge. All residents can connect to the new central at no cost. If a connection is refused,  a mandatory connection deadline will be enforced at the customers full expense to install and abandon their residential sewer.
  • Access Agreement needed – Property owners’ signatures are required for temporary property access for construction activities associated with the installation of the new grinder pump stations, low pressure force mains to the edge of the County’s right-of-way (ROW), construction of the onsite sewer lateral and abandonment of existing septic tanks.
  • Permanent Easements – FGUA will require permanent easements for maintenance of the grinder pump stations and low-pressure force mains to the edge of ROW.
  • Construction –Construction is anticipated to commence in 15 months.  FGUA intends to execute the construction contract agreement in quarter X of 202X.
  • FGUA Contacts–  Please contact the Lady Lake customer service department, or the project manager for questions regarding the septic to sewer project.
    FGUA Lady Lake Customer Service

: (877) 657-8889
Location: 510 Highway 466, Suite 104-A, Lady Lake, FL 32159
Project Manager: Teresa Irby-Butler, Teresa.Irby-Butler@fgua.com


Figure 2:  Typical Gravity Sewer Connection to Central Sewer

Figure 3: Typical Grinder Pump Station Installation

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Rio Vista April 9th community meeting thumbnail
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Rainbow River – Rio Vista
FGUA Service Area Projects
Community Outreach Meeting
held April 9, 2024

View/Download the Q&A (questions & answers) from that meeting

What is the project’s scope? The new central sewer system will include approximately 24,600 linear feet of gravity sewer mains, 4,520 linear feet of sewer force main, 3 lift stations, 15,630 linear feet of low-pressure force main, 133 grinder pump stations, abandonment of existing septic tanks and 301 properties will be connected to the FGUA centralized sewer system.

What are the project boundaries:  See the figure below for the project boundaries.

Rio Vista Project Boundaries
Figure 4: Rio Vista Septic to Sewer Project Boundaries

  1. Project Owner: FGUA
  2. Funding: FDEP Springs Grant in the amount of $10.8 million
  3. Total Cost of Project: The current estimated construction and technical services associated with the design and construction is approximately $32 million.
  4. Project Phases: Due to funding limitations, the project will be required to be bid and constructed in phases. FGUA anticipates constructed the grinder pump stations and low-pressure force mains as Phase I.  Subsequent phases will include the central gravity sewer and associated lift stations.
  5. Will a lien be placed on my home associated with the project? The project inclusive of the gravity sewer system, low pressure system, residential grinder pump stations and restoration will be provided to property owners at no cost.  In such, no lien can or will be placed on properties within the project boundaries related to the project.
  6. FGUA Project Manager: Teresa Irby-Butler, P.E.
  7. Project Consultant/Engineering of Record: Wade Trim, Incorporated
  8. Contractor: To-be-determined
  9. Start of Project Design: May 2023
  10. Estimated Completion of Design Project:
  11. Will work be performed in the right of way areas in the Rio Vista community?
  12. Is maintenance of traffic provided? Yes
  13. Are there plans available for the residents and public to see? Please refer to the Project Informationtab in this website.
  14. Will there be any disturbances in the right of way areas?
  15. Will the disturbance in the right of way areas get restored to original condition?
  16. Will work be performed in owner’s property? Yes
  17. What type of work will be performed in owner’s property? Long lots and those lots where the homes’ finished floor elevation is lower than the adjacent road will require construction of grinder pumps station and associated electrical and controls components and the low-pressure force main to the edge of the County’s ROW.  For other homes, the construction contractor will intercept the existing house drain between the home and the septic tank and extend the sewer line to the edge of ROW.  All houses will have their existing septic tanks abandoned in accordance with local and state Department of Health requirements.
  18. Does the owner need to pay for the above work? Funding for the project will be provided by the FDEP springs grant.
  19. Will the areas disturb from installation of onsite facilities in the owner’s property restored to original condition? Yes
  20. Will a shut off valve be provided to shut off sewage flow to the central sewer system? Yes, shutoff valves will be provided at the edge of right-of-way for the properties with grinder pump stations.
  21. Will the owner be notified before construction work is performed in the owner’s property? Door tags for upcoming work will be provided at a minimum of one week before the contractor enters the home owners’ sites. Also, owners will be notified 24 hours before work in the property commences.
  22. Is the owner exposed to any liability while work is being carried out in their property. Property owner’s will not be liability for project work being provided by the construction contractor.  Additionally, owners will have to provide temporary access agreements for onsite construction activities.
  23. What are the benefits that this project will provide the homeowners? By abandoning septic tanks along the Rainbow River, there will be a decreased pollutant loading on the River and surrounding ground water. Additionally, having central sewer in lieu of a septic tank adds value to resident’s properties.
  24. What is required from the homeowner? For the contractor to access private property a temporary construction access agreement is required which is required to be authorized by signature by the property’s owner. For properties receiving a grinder pump stations, a permanent easement at the pump station and along the discharge force main will be required to permit FGUA to maintain the grinder system.
  25. When does the access agreement need to be signed? As soon as possible.
  26. Is the owner required to sign the agreement. Yes
  27. What happens if the owner does not sign the access agreement? It will delay installation of the onsite sewer connection to the new central sewer system.  In addition, the homeowner will not gain the benifits described in FAQ No. XX.  Additionally, in accordance with FAC 381.00655.1(a) property owners must connect to a new central system within 365 days of notice of its availability.  If an owner does not allow FGUA access to their property as needed to provide the necessary work to abandon their septic tank and provide either gravity or low-pressure onsite facilities, the owner will be required to hire a plumber to provide the work within 365 days of notice of availability.
  28. Where can I find and sign the access agreement form? On this link: https://www.fgua.com/rv/#agreement
  29. Will my sewer be available during construction? Sewer service at individual properties will remain in service while the central sewer system is construction.  A short sewer outage will be required at each property as needed to connect the property to the new central sewer system. 
  30. Will be a public meeting held? Previous public meetings were already held, and a future meeting is planned for April 9th on will be announced in this website and, in some cases, via mailings.
  31. Should the homeowner had additional questions that were not answered from this FAQ, is there a phone number to call? 352-633-9700 Ext 1110
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